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Classifies, Ferrous and non-ferrous Metals, Rock, Stone, Heavy wet Organics, Plaster, Sheet rock, Glass etc.

Material is fed into the Air Classifier Via a 6 foot wide variable speed controlled infeed conveyor belt. The infeed belt discharges into the classification gap where a high velocity air knife lifts the lighter fraction consisting of paper and plastic onto the Air Classifier discharge belt.

Heavier materials fall through the classification gap and are conveyed out of the classifier. Secondary ancillary operations can include magnetic separation and trommeling for the heavier fraction.

LEI Model 1560 AC Air Classifier

lei_computer_web006012.jpg 1560-AC - Air Classifier lei_computer_web006010.jpg lei_computer_web006009.jpg lei_computer_web006008.jpg lei_computer_web006007.jpg lei_computer_web006006.jpg lei_computer_web006005.jpg lei_computer_web006004.jpg lei_computer_web006003.jpg lei_computer_web006002.jpg lei_computer_web006001.jpg