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LEI `Model 1860 Densifier

Fuel Pellets 2
Replaceable Wear Rails

Replaceable Wear Shoes on press wheels can be replaced in the machine

Replaceable Cartridge design. allows complete replacement of all wear and working parts in a few hours

Easy Access to Press Wheels through four large doors

Simple 2 gear Gearbox

Heated Dies for
  high plastic material

Only one working Assembly

Heavy Built Reliable
Extra Heavy Duty Densifier is built with easily replaceable wear parts to reduce maintenance time. Parts can be changed directly on the machine or by the interchanging of a complete new cartridge which can be done in a matter of hours. This allows the removed cartridge to be repaired at leisure while the machine continues to produce. This machine was designed to pelletize sorted municipal solid waste.
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Model 1860 Densifier
Tramp Material being gleaned from Municipal Solid Waste
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